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#AfroAustralian Tag

          The market gets bigger as we evolve but there are few important contributors to society in different capacities that are silently working behind the scenes. The Liberian musical journey hasn't been an easy one, faced with nearly two decades of educational declinations and lack of futuristic development had Liberia pinned to a struggling list of less privilege. Fast forward Liberian producers have emerged with a new style, focused, reliable and much more dedicated to the craft as if their life depends on it for the daily bread. There are many great Liberian producers (Audio) and beat masters out there with name tags of legendary statuses like Infectious Michaels, Stone LuckShine, D12, Just Price, Kizzy W who have all produced hit records for renowned artists across the globe but the list cannot be fulfilled without the inclusion of TWO of Australia all-time best. We have searched the continent and below are the all-time favourites who somehow have influenced the positive image of unique Liberian musical sound.