Leaa | History
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After the establishment of LIB Entertainment Awards Australia (LEAA) in 2012, came the first ever LEAA Awards held in Melbourne, Australia. The event featured Liberian international mega superstar and awards winning artist Jodi Clark. Hosted by Mrs. Stella Doegolia, who tremendous charisma and stage presence captivated the audience. The 2013 LEAA was a huge success flattered with a massive attendance, delighted performances, and it set the benchmark for subsequent events. Host city: Melbourne, Victoria Australia.



Business success is never achieved when decisions are not made. 2014 came with a huge collaboration with Liberian Community of South Australia (LICOSA), Federation of Liberian Communities in Australia (FOLICA), dedicated promotional team, hardworking organizers and most of all the first ever awards event to be scream LIVE by Magnet TV for viewers around the world. Hosted by Miss Lovetee Williams and the honorable Mr. Siryon, interest and anticipation build much more favorably as the event was embrace by spectacular performances from national artists and a huge turnout. The event featured it second international and awards winning guest from London, UK; Alonzo. Host city: Adelaide, South Australia



We called it the year of the brave. Spectacular organization, most anticipated and attended event, one of its kind and magnificent growth within the various Australian communities. LEAA 2016 featured performances from diverse cultures, rebranded entertainers, and a most especially a mega fan base. Fans from various part of the globe got to hear of the organization and sooner became to follow Liberian entertainers. Host city: Melbourne, Victoria Australia



Hosted by the audacious Miss Lovetee Williams and Mr. Saliah Siryon, with their combine chemistry on stage, it was requested by the board of directors that the two pair up for another fun night. Hosted in Adelaide, South Australia at the star theatre, LEAA awards was LIVE screamed by the incredible team from the most anticipated talk show in Australia, The R&F Talk show. Best Djs Australia, Best Producers, various international and Australian base categories we added to the award ceremony. LEAA was opened to various African communities around Australia which lead to great enthusiasm from fans. The event featured true performances from award winning artists like Mr. Shugga, ConCcoins, and various Australian artists and a spectacular appearance from the Nigerian community cultural group. Our international guest Amb. Eveine Natt Kamara brought to LEAA and fans the true power of Liberian gospel music. Host city: Adelaide, South Australia.