Leaa | “Force to listen”
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“Force to listen”

“Force to listen”

Not every rebirth is regarded as a miracle but to the fans of Rude Vandosky, they preserved their love till his rebirth. The artist has been away for sometimes and it wasn’t long when a post that read;

“Straight up DNA father tsunami blessing oluwa  is involved your force to listen”

that had social media globally trending with loves and posts for the Dancehall King as he resurfaced.

Australia most prestigious designer Festus Yeke Zarwue wrote “Rude Vandosky is Out” and another  fan from Ghana wrote “No air time for 2face people bro on on we go…. welcome back”.

Another fan from Sweden by the name Ayo Wuo wrote “Welcome back luv, blessings await you”.

Priscilla Kamara wrote “Welcome back home Rude Vandosky aka DANCE HALL KING #bigjuecantfart. So happy that you’re back and I can’t wait to see what great music you have install (in stock) for us”.

Australia talk show “The Gees.LIB” host Suzan Gbangaye wrote “Awee welcome bk Rude Vandosky”.

All Star Views wrote “Hey guys let’s welcome back our energetic and most loving star back also sit tight and wait for his best song coming out called (Black Ninja)”.

Rude Vandosky, an award nominee and one of the fastest growing Liberian international artist based in Australia has been heard and played on various occasions and radios around the country. Currently residing in Geelong, Victoria Australia, the artist recently welcome an addition to his family with his beautiful partner Bintu who also wrote “Welcome back to my Ghana boy, Love you to the END“. Rude Vandosky is the iconic artist well known for his signature slang




“Your Forced to Listen”







has surfaced with a hit track called “Never Die Young” which became an anthem and still is. The artist posted photos to show his stunning summer body and fully pumped to hit the stage. On his returned, Rude Vandosky had made no mistake but to drop a hot banging dancehall track as his fans awaited called “BLACK NINJA” produced Slik.

WELCOME BACK indeed and we hope to see all the goods in stock for us.



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